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Price Latin American Initiative Seminar Series: Land Use Regulation & Informal Housing

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A Conversation with Julia Harten on Land Use Regulation and Informal Housing

Please join us for the first of a series of seminars sponsored by the Office of Global Engagement to address housing inequality in Latin America. Ph.D. candidate Julia Harten will present her paper co-authored with Professor Eric Heikkila. 

By utilizing a simple microeconomic model set up and
engaging concepts from public and urban economics,
they argue that shining light on the differential
impacts of planners’ use of land use regulation
illuminates new paths forward in addressing the
informal housing challenge. Their model suggests that
the impact of land use regulation on housing is
critically dependent on enforcement, the system of
zoning restrictions across the entire urban area, and
the urban spatial structure. The approach may be of
particular interest to those in charge of land use
planning: the model requires relatively few data
inputs and implementation is thus straightforward.