Faculty Research Update: April 2016

May 18, 2016

A compilation of recent grant awards, accolades, presentations, journal publications and other notable news about Price School faculty and their research


Assistant Professor Emma Aguila

Dr. Emma Aguila

Research Awards

Assistant Professor Alexandra Graddy-Reed

Dr. Alexandra Graddy-Reed

  • Alexandra Graddy-Reed was awarded a $7,500 Learning by Giving Foundation Grant for Academic Year 2015-16 from the Learning by Giving Foundation. The grant is intended to foster the growth of philanthropic education at the undergraduate level.
  • Gary Painter was awarded with $30,000 by the Little Tokyo Service Center for a project entitled, “Developing Data Indicators for Social Change in Little Tokyo.”
  • William Resh and Frank Zerunyan were awarded a Haynes Foundation Major Research Grant of $170,668 for their project, “Bringing Citizens to the Table: Evaluating the Willingness of Local Government Employees to Engage with Citizens.” Their project examines the outcomes of various citizen consultation practices across California municipalities, and the extent to which public employees are intrinsically and extrinsically motivated to initiate citizen engagement efforts.
  • Adam Rose was awarded $49,878 by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) for a project entitled, “Microgrid Macroeconomic Modeling Approach.”
Assistant Professor Alice Chen

Dr. Alice Chen


  • Alice Chen received the USC Price Health Administration Graduate Program’s “Outstanding Faculty of the Year Award.”
  • Neeraj Sood was elected to serve a four-year term on the Board of Directors of the American Society of Health Economists.


Dr. David Sloane and Dr. LaVonna Lewis

Dr. David Sloane and Dr. LaVonna Lewis

  • Emma Aguila presented four papers at the Population Association of America (PAA) 2016 Annual Meeting on April 1-2. The papers were titled: “Social Security Contributions and Return Migration Among Older Male Mexican Immigrants”; “Effects of a Noncontributory Pension Program for Elderly Population on Frailty and Functional Disability,”; “Income Sources of Newly Admitted Immigrant Elderly in the United States: A First Look at Pensions from Abroad,”; and, “Alleviating Poverty for Older Adults: Findings from a Noncontributory Pension Program in Mexico.”
  • Pamela McCann presented two papers she coauthored and chaired two round-table discussions at the Midwest Political Science Association conference on April 6-10. The papers were titled, “Congress and Judicial Review of Agency Actions,” and, “House and Senate Negotiations and Policy Choice.” The roundtables were entitled, “Why do we have no Theory of Policy Implementation?” and, “Connecting Public Administration, Federalism, and Intergovernmental Affairs.”
  • Deborah Natoli made three presentations at the Midwest Political Science Association conference on April 6-10. She gave two panel presentations titled, “Developing New Courses,” and, “Early Career Issues: Preparing Junior Faculty,” as well as a research presentation entitled, “Our Higher Angels: A Neuro-Psychological Theory of Leadership for Political, Policy, and Social Reform.”
  • David Sloane and LaVonna Lewis made two presentations on April 7 at the Midwest Political Science Association conference. Their presentations were titled, “United for Health: A Learning Community Model for Food Justice in 5 Los Angeles Communities,” and, “Integrating health into plans: A case study of community action in Los Angeles.”
  • David Sloane gave a presentation at Columbia University’s Designing for Life and Death colloquium on April 1 titled, “Situating death in 21st century urban life.”


Neeraj Sood

Dr. Neeraj Sood