Faculty Research Update: September 2017

September 14, 2017

A compilation of recent grant awards, accolades, presentations, journal publications and other notable news about Price School faculty and their research.


Neeraj Sood

Research Awards

Roberto Suro

  • Adam Rose (PI), Richard John and Dan Wei (Co-PIs), received a contract from US Department of Homeland Security “Does Enhanced Security Improve Business Performance?”.
  • Adam Rose received an award from the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership for the project “A Comprehensive Framework for Assessing and Responding to Disaster-Related Migration”
  • Jason Doctor received an award from Edwards Lifesciences for “Edwards Lifesciences Doctoral Fellowship at USC Schaeffer Center”
  • Jim Ferris received an award from the Weingart Foundation for the project “LA Foundation Leadership Group 2016-2017”
  • Alex Graddy-Reed received an award from The University of Oregon for the project “Emerging Researchers on the Path to Innovation”
  • Eric Heikkila received an award from Hainan University for the project “Culture Policy and Public Diplomacy Training Program”
  • Gary Painter received an award from the Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority for the project “USC Homeless Count”
  • Gary Painter received an award from the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation for the project “Community Need Assessment for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation”
  • John Romley received an award from the California Hospital Association for the project “Advancing Health Policy Affecting California Hospitals”
  • Paul Danczyk received a contract for the CIBHS Leadership Institute from the California Institute for Behavioral Health Solutions.
  • Paul Danczyk received a contract for “Customized Executive Education Course for State Leaders” from ICF Incorporated.
  • Paul Danczyk received a continuation on the contract for “Legislative Staff Management Institute 2017” from the National Conference of State Legislatures.
  • Hilda Blanco received a contract for “Associate Editor Agreement 2017” from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne.
  • Paul Ginsburg received a contract for the conference “Urban Institute – 25th Anniversary of the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule” from the Urban Institute.
  • Roberto Suro received a collaborative agreement for the Center for Social Innovation from Atlantic Philanthropies USA.
  • Roberto Suro received a grant for “Immigration Policy and Criminal Justice Reform” from the MacArthur Foundation.
  • Genevieve Giuliano received a subcontract for “Developing Markets for Zero Emission Vehicles in Short Haul Goods Movement” from UC Davis via the Department of Transportation.
  • Genevieve Giuliano received a contract for “National Traffic Monitoring Exhibition and Conference (NaTMEC) Irvine, CA” from the Federal Highway Administration.
  • Marlon Boarnet received a grant for “Displacement and Mobility” from the California Community Foundation.
  • Leonard Mitchell, Deepak Bahl received a contract for “Grant Writing and Management Services” from March Joint Powers Authority.
  • Dowell Myers received a grant for “Housing Interconnections in Los Angeles: Shortages, Affordability, and Displacement” from the John Randolph and Dora Haynes Foundation.
  • Dana Goldman received a continuation on the grant “Outcomes of Vascular Dialysis Access in the Elderly” from UCLA.
  • Dana Goldman received a continuation on the grant “The Long Term Economic Benefits of Health Improvement: Evidence from an RCT of an Intensive Lifestyle” from the National Institute on Aging.


Alice Chen


Annette Kim