David Lopez-Lee

Emeriti Professor
Email: [email protected]

Human resources, organizational learning, management effectiveness, program evaluation, surveys

Biographical Sketch
David Lopez-Lee, Ph.D., has written in such diverse areas as administrative theory, organizational behavior, cross-cultural studies, personnel, education, public policy, and evaluation. His work has demonstrated a marriage between the behavioral sciences and research methods within the public policy context. He has designed surveys for all levels of government in such areas as education, health, energy usage, public transportation, and unemployment. Active in community politics, Professor Lopez-Lee has been elected a trustee of the Los Angeles Community Colleges and is regarded as an expert on Latino concerns and needs. He is the author of School Desegregation in the Los Angeles Unified School District (Washington, D.C.: Office for Civil Rights, HEW, 1976) and Career Education: Its Implications for America’s Minorities (Ohio State University, 1975). He has been published in the Journal of Comparative Cultures, Environment and Urban Systems, Administrative Comments and Letters, Making and Managing Policy, and Computers.

Lopez-Lee, D., “Indiscriminate Data Aggregations in Meta-Analysis: A Cause for Concern Among Policy Makers and Social Scientists”; Evaluation Review, 26(5):519-543; 2002