Richard Sundeen

Emeriti Professor
Email: [email protected]

Volunteers, nonprofit organizations, service learning, community service

Biographical Sketch
Richard Sundeen, Ph.D., focuses his research and teaching on nonprofit organizations, volunteers, community service, and service learning. In 2002 Professor Sundeen received the USC Teaching Has No Boundaries award for his efforts in developing service learning and other off-campus learning opportunities. Also, he has co-directed the USC Summer Public Service Internship program and, in 2005 and 2006, he served as faculty advisor for USC Alternative Spring Break work projects in Guatemala. His current research project is on ethnicity and volunteering in the US. Other recent research topics have included barriers to volunteering, volunteers to religious organizations, volunteers in social development, volunteerism in Sweden, and high school community service among students in Southern California. He has received research grants from The Haynes Foundation, The Aspen Institute Non-profit Sector Research Fund, Indiana University Center on Philanthropy, the Center for the Study of Philanthropy (CUNY), and the Center on Philanthropy and Public Policy (USC) for research on volunteers. Professor Sundeen has published articles regarding volunteers and citizen participation in providing services in Nonprofit Management and Leadership, Law and Contemporary Society, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, Journal of Urban Affairs, Social Science Quarterly, Public Administration Review, Administration and Society, Journal of Volunteer Administration, and Sociological Perspectives.

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Sundeen, R., with S. Raskoff and C. Garcia, “Differences in Perceived Barriers to Volunteering to Formal Organizations: Lack of Time vs. Lack of Interest”; Nonprofit Management and Leadership; 2007

Sundeen, R., with S. Raskoff, “Younger Volunteers in Sweden”; Journal of Volunteer Administration 22(2): 12-20; 2004