International Internships

27084069404_e77f7d0aa1_zChina Academy of Urban Planning and Design

Since 2004, the China Academy of Urban Planning and Design (CAUPD) has hosted several USC Price graduate student interns in the summer to work on urban planning projects in China. Interns from USC Price help them learn about planning practices in the United States, and to explore how those lessons may apply in China.

CAUPD is part of the Chinese Ministry of Construction, the entity that oversees all urban development in China. As a policy think tank, CAUPD is fully engaged in important consulting work for state council and local governments throughout the country.

Hong Kong International Internship Program

Each year students from the U.S. go to Hong Kong during summer break for internships with companies and social services agencies to learn about Hong Kong life and society “from the inside.” The Hong Kong International Internship Program (formally known as the Hong Kong America Center) has developed partnerships with several universities and exchange organizations to send graduate interns to Hong Kong in fields such as business, engineering, social science, journalism and media arts. HKIIP provides a range of services to its partners, including intern placements in host organizations, applying for training visas, orientation and enrichment programs, and final reflections and assessment seminars. The workplace in Hong Kong is a rich learning space where young Americans can experience first-hand the interplay between Chinese and Western cultural values and professional practices.

Shanghai Center for Sustainability

The Shanghai Center for Sustainability has organized a unique summer internship opportunity for Price School students. Selected interns take part in a 6- or 8-week program focused on sustainability in China’s most dynamic city. Interns are placed with a leading Chinese or international company focused on sustainable development.