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Bocconi University


Founded in 1902, Università Bocconi was the first university in Italy to grant a degree in economics. Bocconi is an internationally-recognized research institution with highly ranked programs in economics, management, and social sciences. Over 100 courses in English are taught every year, and topics include economics, finance, law, management, marketing, policy, and social sciences. Each year, Bocconi welcomes 1,200 incoming students from partner universities.

Location: Milan, Italy

Level: Undergraduate and graduate

Number of placements available: Up to 4 students per year

Semester of study available: Fall or Spring

Academic Calendar:

Spring Semester
Early February – Early June
Fall Semester
Mid-September – End of December

Areas of study: economics, finance, law, management, marketing, policy, and social sciences

Language of instruction: English

Courses: USC undergraduate students may take up to 15 credits. Undergraduates can select courses at the undergraduate level only (numbered 30xxx), and may only take upper division courses for elective credit. Only 2nd and 3rd year Bocconi courses are considered upper division. Undergraduate students may not take graduate courses for credit.

USC graduate students may take up to 12 credits. Graduate students can select courses at the graduate level only (numbered 20xxx). Graduate students may not take undergraduate courses for credit. “Master’s Preparatory Courses,” which are also numbered 20xxx, will not transfer for credit to USC.

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