International Public Policy and Management (IPPAM)

The USC Price School executive master’s degree in International Public Policy and Management (IPPAM) is designed for international students and U.S. students working in international settings. The program draws students from throughout Asia and around the world to study comparative and global aspects of public policy and management.

For more information regarding the IPPAM program, please visit the IPPAM website or e-mail [email protected]

MPP International Practicum Projects

The Price MPP program has ongoing relationships with two Mexican universities: the Universidad Politecnica de Aguascalientes and Universidad Anahuac Xalapa. Over the past several years, MPP has partnered with these universities to conduct policy analysis on:

Projects include student teams conducting onsite research (focus groups and interviews), writing a policy analysis reports, and proposing policy reforms and innovations that address vital problem areas.

MRED International Opportunities

Each year, the Price MRED program holds a two-course sequence: RED 583 International Development Opportunities (2 units) and RED 585 Comparative International Development Workshop (2 units).

RED 583 is offered in the spring semester. The course covers a series of special topics on international real estate development opportunities, including:

RED 585 is offered in the summer semester. Students study and analyze the business environment and opportunities/risks of real estate development in international markets. Students spend ten days in an international setting, attend site visits, and meet with real estate professionals. Past student trips have included China, Croatia, England, Germany, Japan and Korea.

Price on the Rhine Program (summer program)

The “USC on the Rhine” Study Abroad Program focuses on governance issues taught from a comparative perspective, with a special focus on the United States, Germany, and the European Union. The program includes excursions to cultural, political, and socioeconomic sites of interest, including the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, France and several EU institutions in Brussels, Belgium; the European Central Bank; and the historic city of Heidelberg, Germany.

This program is hosted by Speyer University, and the courses are taught by instructors from both USC and Speyer. American students are fully immersed in Speyer University’s curricular offerings, working side-by-side and in groups with other European and American students. All courses are taught in English, and students stay on campus in dormitories that offer full amenities.

Students (both advanced undergraduates and master’s) who complete the course earn 6 units: PPD 499 – “Topics in Public Affairs: Public Policy and Administration in the European Union, Germany, and the United States.”

Speyer, Germany is a beautiful, historic city of approximately 50,000 people located in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate on the Rhine River. The campus is in the city, approximately one mile from the city square that features cafes, beer gardens, restaurants, and shops. Speyer is a clean, unique, and incredibly safe city with historic Roman architecture, cobbled streets, and one of Germany’s most famous cathedrals. It is a quick train ride away from Frankfurt and Mannheim, where connecting trains can be boarded to various destinations across Europe.

This program offers students exposure to new intellectual and cultural experiences that develops their knowledge, skills desired by both prospective graduate schools and employers with interests related to international governance issues. Most importantly, the program offers students a personally enriching experience they will never forget.

Please visit the USC on the Rhine Web Site for more information, or contact Dr. Bill Resh with questions ([email protected])

International Certificate in Policy and Planning

The USC Price graduate Certificate in International Policy and Planning strengthens student understanding of global policy, planning and public management issues underscoring comparative differences in policy approaches and governance institutions across countries. It aims to build a core foundation of knowledge about the governing institutions and agreements that operate on a global level and prepares students for working in international organizations.

The professions of Price School graduates are globalizing. To analyze and understand the impact of globalization on their field and to be competitive in a global context, emerging leaders in these professions should be conversant in thinking and operating on an international scale. Earning this certificate better prepares students for professional demands of the modern era.

Please contact Dr. Joanna Yu at [email protected] with questions.

Dual Degree MPA with Seoul National University

The dual degree Master of Public Administration (MPA) with Seoul National University (SNU) is designed to develop the international professional experiences of graduate students, as well as promote the exchange of information, personnel, students, and faculty in the fields of public administration. SNU’s Graduate School of Public Administration (GSPA) and USC Price are peer institutions that complement each other’s respective strengths and ranking. This linkage offers a select group of public administration students the unique opportunity to develop skills and expertise in these fields from both a U.S. and Korean perspective. The benefit of having both U.S. and Korean components will position graduates for uniquely qualified work in governmental and nongovernmental labor market sectors, as well as in the international political economy.

Both SNU GSPA and USC Price have extensive histories of welcoming international students into their programs and providing exceptional opportunities for students to study and attain professional experiences abroad.