IT Support FAQ

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Q1: How do I forward my email or set up my vacation message on my USC Email account?
A1: Go to Forward your mail or go to Set up My Vacation Message.
For other USC Email Information click here.

Q2: How do I get to the USC home page and the Price School of Public Policy home page?
A2: Go to or

Q3: How can I find my way around campus?
A3: Go to and download a map of the campus. You can also take a walking tour of downtown Los Angeles.

Q4: How do I get from Orange County to Los Angeles?
A4: For public transportation routes, go to TranStar. TranStar provides detailed public transit routes and times. For driving instructions, go to Yahoo! Maps or Mapquest.

Q5: Is there a site that I can use to receive student information?
A5: Yes, you can access OASIS — the Online Academic Student Information System.

Q6: Is there a site with admissions information?
A6: Yes go to for admissions and financial aid information.

Q7: Where can I go to see class schedule information?
A7: You can go to

Q8: Where can I find out how to start using USC’s computing resources?
A8: You can start with six simple steps that you will find at

Q9: Is there any other computing information that I should know about while at USC?
A9: YES! USC has many online resources that will help make your computing experience an enjoyable one. Please visit the sites listed below for in–depth information.

  1. Activate your email account:
  2. Information Technology Services:
  3. USC Software Download:
  4. Your email options:
  5. Forwarding your email:
  6. Connecting to USC via modem:

Q10: Where can I turn for computer help?
A10: Any computer–related question can be answered by USC’s Information Technology Services’s computer consultants, 7 days per week, 8:30 a.m. — 5:00 p.m. (Monday — Friday) and 1:00 p.m. — 5:00 p.m. (Saturday and Sunday) at (213) 740–5555.

Q11: What if I do not have access to a computer?
A11: USC has many free user rooms throughout campus. For lab hours and locations visit:

Q12: Is there a site for libraries?
A12: YES there is, go to for locations.

Q13: Can I setup my own Web page?
A13: Yes. See ITS’s step–by–step instructions at

Q14: Where can I find Policy, Planning, and Development jobs?
A14: The Price School of Public Policy has an Office of Career Services with online job listings.

Q15: Where can I find Networker, a magazine about technology at USC?
A15: The most current version is online at

Q16: Does the Price School of Public Policy have a student organization?
A16: Yes. We have several. Go to

Q17: What Multimedia capabillities does the Price School of Public Policy Have?
A17: Our main building, Ralph and Goldy Lewis Hall, is one of the most advanced buildings on campus. Click here to find out more!

Q18: Where can I find information about and log–on to the Blackboard System?
A18: You can do both at

Q19: Where can I find the Online Class Registration site?
A19: You can find it at

Q20: Where can I find the Information about the USC Price E–mail lists/listserves?
A20: You can find it at