USC Price School of Public Policy

Janet Denhardt honored at ASPA conference


Janet Denhardt, the new director of the USC Price School in Sacramento, received the Charles Levine Memorial Award for Excellence in Public Administration. The award, presented jointly by the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) and the National Association of School of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA), recognizes a public administration faculty member who has demonstrated excellence in the three major areas of the field: teaching, research and service to the wider community.

Denhardt was presented with the award in March at the 2013 ASPA Annual Conference in New Orleans.

In addition, several other USC Price faculty members were featured at the conference. Professor Terry Cooper moderated a panel presentation on “Setting a Research Agenda for the Study of Ethical Competence in Public Administration.” Senior fellow Mark Pisano presented in three different sessions around fiscal sustainability, intergovernmental systems and infrastructure megaproject leadership. And, Professor Yan Tang presented on fiscal sustainability.

Professors Bob Denhardt and Chester Newland were recognized as past ASPA national presidents.