Coast Guard Captains License Track

USC Nautical Science Program for Midshipmen & All Nautical Science Students:

coast guard license track1

The US Coast Guard Masters license track is designed for USC students of any major and USC Naval ROTC students alike. Students who complete all the required courses will receive up to 277 sea service days of the 360 necessary to test for a Coast Guard license.

The entire offering is divided into 3 parts:

  • Nautical Science (awarding up to 180 days of sea service), In order to receive 180 days, the student must complete all 4 of the Nautical Science classes
  • NROTC Nav 335 (awarding 37 days of sea service), and
  • NROTC* Midshipmen summer cruises (NROTC midshipmen only – awarding 60 days of sea service).

    *The USC Nautical Science Program was designed in collaboration with the US Navy to meet the sail training requirements for midshipmen commissioning as naval officers upon graduation from USC. Either of two classes will meet these requirements, Naut 001ax or Naut 001bx. The two classes are different in as much as Naut 001bx offers more “at sea” experience, but also requires Naval Science 335 as a prerequisite. With Naut 001ax, Naval midshipmen could get an earlier start on the US Coast Guard License Track Program, should they desire the license. For commissioning you need one of the above courses. For the Nautical Science License Track Program and 180 days of “sea service”, the midshipman would have to complete all 4 of the courses (Naut 001ax, Naut 001bx, Naut 002a/bx).

Nautical Science collateral participation is available to interested midshipmen and civilians providing the opportunity to earn additional “sea service” through a number of options. Program options include: university paid and volunteer crewing aboard the Schooner Atlantas and volunteer crewing opportunities aboard the 120’ brigantines, Irving and Exy Johnson (which provide 100 ton “sea service experience”).