Checklist for 2-Day Sailing Voyage


You must bring the following items with you for your two-day voyage:

1) Boating Shoes-
Tennis shoes w/ non marking soles are acceptable. You will not be allowed to board the vessel in hard soled shoes, sandals, crocks, beachcombers, or track shoes that leave marks on deck.

2) Duffle Bag-
Pack all of your belonging in a soft gear bag. Suit cases or wheeling bags are NOT allowed! Doubled-up plastic garbage bags work well too.

3) Food for Two Days-
Bring 1 breakfast, 2 lunches, and snacks that do not require cooking. You will be going ashore for dinner. A refrigerator will be available. Only some vessels have microwave ovens. Sandwiches are easiest food to eat on a rolling vessel at sea.
Food and items to avoid and not permitted aboard
No unshelled nuts! (I.e. sunflower seeds and peanuts in the shell)
NO METAL, ALUMINUM OR GLASS canteens or thermoses! Plastic bottles only!

4) Sleeping Bag and a Pillow-
Crew and students MUST bring a sleeping bag & pillow OR sheets and a comforter to cover your mattress. For health/sanitary reasons your mattress must be covered for sleeping!

5) Wet Weather Gear-
You need a jacket which will repel rain and/or sea spray. It is best to bring layers, fleece and wool are better than cotton. Skiing/snowboarding outfits work very well also.
It will be MUCH colder and wetter than you expect!

6) Complete Change of Clothes and Warm Clothing-
In the event you get wet you should have a complete change of warm dry clothes. At a minimum- Long pants, sweater, sweatshirt, and a jacket.

7) Spending Money-
The ferry to shore only accepts exact change in cash only, No credit cards! The fare is approximately $5 per person each way.

8) Sea Sick Medication-
We highly recommended bringing non-prescription “Bonine.” If you have known motion sickness issues, please consult a physician for prescription non-drowsy medication.

NOTE – Hair, jewelry, necklaces
All long hair must be braided or secured up under a hat to avoid injury. Leave your jewelry at home.
For your safety we do not allow necklaces or bracelets on deck

Suggested misc. items- Note book, pen, towel, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion (no spray-on lotions)

Note: There are cell phone use restrictions aboard the vessel.

• No scuba tanks or snorkeling equipment (no room for them, no time for you to use them).
• Roll-aboard luggage
• People not enrolled in Nautical Sciences and/or not signed up for the same trip
• NO Chewing of tobacco, smoking, or smokeless tobacco products aboard ship
NO alcohol or drugs allowed!

If you are suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol during your sailing voyage you will be removed from the vessel immediately, reported to the authorities, and be at risk of failing the course. This includes marijuana and marijuana based products, which are prohibited by US Coast Guard Regulations.