Missed the Boat?

goodbye-705165_960_720Before doing anythingcontact us immediately at the number we gave you with your reminder earlier in the week. Likely, we’ll already have given you a call. You may still have time to get to the boat and/or meet us at our final destination. Your captain will give you specific instructions on what to do and where to go.

NOTE: The final destination may change each weekend. Do not assume you should meet the boat in Catalina.

If you join us in Catalina, the boats will arrive around 1800. Check in by taking a shoreboat out to the mooring. If you don’t see either Atlantas or Artemis arriving in the harbor, call the Harbor Master or walk to his office. He will know where the boats are moored (or can tell you if they haven’t arrived yet).

The shoreboats and the Harbor Master’s office are located on the green “Pleasure Pier.” It’s big, green, well-lit, and protrudes right into the middle of the harbor.

Missing one day is better than missing both, but you will be responsible for getting caught up on material covered during the day. Ask your shipmates or the Captains for help.


The Ferry
Catalina Express has the best service to the island. Their boats are fast, reliable, and leave regularly from both San Pedro and Long Beach. Reservations are often unnecessary, but always recommended. Fare is approximately $37 one-way (there is an AAA discount).

To help avoid confusion, go to the terminal nearest where you were supposed to sail from originally. Park your car, get on the ferry, and watch for Atlantas and Artemis as you head for the island. When you sail back the following day, we will make sure you end up closest to where your car is. Bring good food, and one of your shipmates will surely offer you a ride from the dock to your car.

Cab Service
That would be a neat trick. Be sure to ask Capt. Remsburg about the old suspension bridge from Long Beach to Avalon, destroyed some years ago.

Only in an emergency should you consider this an option. It’s very fast, but very expensive. If you thought getting a cab to the boats was pricey, you should sit down when these guys quote you a price. Should the need arise; check out Island Express Helicopter Service for all the pertinent details.