Avalon, Catalina Island, in Santa Ana conditions

Avalon, Catalina Island, in Santa Ana conditions… sometimes it isn’t safe to sail!


Please arrive at your vessel at 9:30am SHARP! We sail, rain or shine and depart on time.

Should hazardous weather conditions or other situations dictate rescheduling your voyage, you will be contacted in advance by the Nautical Science Administrator.

The following links provide an idea of what weather to expect. For those studying Marine Weather in the 001b and 002 classes, see the links below under Advanced Weather Sites for all kinds of fun and excitement.

General Weather Information
NOAA Southern California Marine Forecast (you’ll hear us listening to this on the ship’s radio several times a day. FYI, we’re sailing on the Inner Waters from Point Mugu to San Mateo Point)
The Weather Channel
National Weather Service

Advanced Weather Sites