Eisner Prize

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Intergenerational Excellence

The USC Population Dynamics Group led by Dowell Myers, are semi-finalists in the Eisner Prize for Intergenerational Excellence! Please take a moment to cast a vote (it literally takes one click of the mouse and 5 seconds) at http://www.eisnerfoundation.org/eisnerprize/

Professor Myers is a favorite of many students so lets all come together to put him and the Center on top! We are behind in votes so we need the whole SPPD community to rally together to vote and spread the word. This would be a wonderful accomplishment for the School as we continue to grow our national presence.

The Eisner Prize is designed to recognize excellence by an individual or a non-profit organization in uniting multiple generations, especially seniors and youth, to bring about positive and lasting changes in their community.

The Population Dynamics Research Team

Dowell Myers
Dowell Myers is professor in the School of Policy, Planning, and Development and director of the USC Population Dynamics Research Group. He is the principal investigator directing several projects on housing and demographic change, immigrant assimilation, and demographic projections.

John Pitkin
John Pitkin is senior research associate in the USC Population Dynamics Research Group and the principal architect of the predictive estimates and the California Demographic Futures projections. He also is president of Analysis and Forecasting, Inc., Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Research Assistants
Raymond Calnan
Ph.D. in Policy, Planning, and Development Student

Janna Goldberg
Ph.D. in Urban Planning and Development Student

Anthony Guardado
B.A. in Public Policy, Management and Planning, Master of Planning Student

Anna Jacobsen
Master of Planning Student

Mi Young Kim
Ph.D. in Urban Planning and Development Student

Sarah Mawhorter
Master of Planning Student

Joshua Wheeler
Master of Planning Student

Stephanie Young
Master of Public Policy Student