Academic Capstone Awards

SPPD Hosts Third Annual Academic Capstone Awards

From SPPD staff reports

Dean Knott with faculty Dean Knott with professors Tridib Banerjee, left, Juliet Musso, David Sloane at capstone reception

In May, the USC School of Policy, Planning, and Development held its third annual Academic Capstone Student Exhibit, providing an opportunity for students to showcase the exemplary work completed in SPPD courses. The projects were displayed in rooms 209 and 215 of Lewis Hall.

Course instructors were invited to nominate one project, paper or presentation from their class for any course that was held in the summer, fall and spring semesters between May 2009 and April 2010.

Dean Jack H. Knott delivered opening remarks at the capstone awards reception. He congratulated the nominees and noted how the students’ work represented the “diverse scholarly and research interests at SPPD.”

“It’s visual. It’s teamwork. It’s out in the field. It’s quantitative. It’s technological. It has all of the features that make this academic capstone such a great program and make SPPD such a distinctive school,” he said.

“Projects like these truly show the connection between the knowledge and methods we are gaining, and the real-world application and involvement in the community needed to address the kinds of issues we face in our society,” Knott added.

The 2010 winners and nominees with honorable mention are listed below.

2010 Winners

Adapting to Climate Change “Adapting to Climate Change: Managing Coastal and Marine Resources in Jaco, Costa Rica” uses Second Life, a 3-D virtual world in which users can socialize and connect with one another.

Impact Assessment: Homeboy Industries Employment Services Program
Jasmine Kim, Christine Oh, Cherie Romar

The Gentlemen’s Club of District 9
Angela Huang

Adapting to Climate Change: Managing Coastal and Marine Resources in Jaco, Costa Rica
David Tepper

Assessing the Impact of California’s Clean Air Vehicle Sticker Program
Genti Droboniku, Jonathan Jagoda, Michael Tou

Civil Gang Injunction: 18th Street
Jessica Payne

Hybrid Park “Hybrid Park” is a conceptual proposal for the Grand Avenue project in downtown Los Angeles.

Hybrid Park
Aurea Adao, Sarah Molina, Jae Hee Yoon

Rent Stabilization in Los Angeles
Jeimee Estrada, Brynne KeithJennings, Katie Zuniga, Stan Oklobdzija

Case Study: Pico Aliso
Gary Yao

Park South at Metro Station
Jeff Sparks

45 Acres of Dreams: Paramount Swap Meet
Giao Luong

The Gulf, The Art World, and Globalization
Brettany Shannon

“The Transit Experience in Berlin”
A video short

Rebecca Garcia, Brendan Keeler, Jennifer Longabaugh, Brett MacNaughton, Joe Walcek

Case Study: Pico Aliso “Case Study: Pico Aliso” examines underutilized space on the west side of the 101 freeway — exploring ways to reconnect the community and make it more sustainable.

Wilshire Center Watershed Village
Brettany Shannon, John Mimms, Jessica Payne, Ruby Sandher, Nora Cibrian

Empowering Work Environments
The Curious Case of Zappos: Empowerment with a Touch of Zany

Rob Davidson, Isadore Hall, Grantland Johnson, Dean Marcoccia, Nick Pepper, Matthew Rodriguez, Scott Steele

Cops 4 Causes
International Cop X-CHANGE
El Salvador

Irma Becerra, Moises Cisneros, Vic Davalos, Christopher T. Landavazo, Jonathan Pinto, Charlene Dimas-Peinado

Proyecto Pastoral at Dolores Mission: Analysis of Decision Making
Matthew Rodriguez, Jeff Shields, Marco Ramirez, Yolanda Uzzell, Roger Watson

45 Acres of Dreams “45 Acres of Dreams” focuses on the Paramount Swap Meet. Author Giao Luong views this market space as a “business incubator, a way for people who may not necessarily have the language skills to be their own bosses and try to make the American Dream for themselves.”

Disability Insurance Incidence: A Congressional Research Service Project
Kiran Hashmi, Todd Meuhlenbeck, Lia Moore, Stephanie Rohn, Peggy Vadillo

Edmund D. Edelman: A Lifetime of Leadership
Grace Chen, Meri Davtian, Jeff Glenn, Dolores Pan

2010 Nominees with Honorable Mentions

An Analysis of Thai American Youth Services in Los Angeles
Beatrice Morlan

A Technology Curriculum for the Digital Generation: Bridging the Digital Divide in Low-Income Communities
Clara Suh

Community and Streetscape: Calle por Calle
Eric Bruins

Wilshire Watershed Village “Wilshire Watershed Village” identifies ways to improve the district’s storm water management and the quality of life in the area.

My Friend’s Place: A Field Study
Stephen Law

Partners in Health
Avikash Bhorik, Eleanor Chen, Janell Lathrop, Shellown Persaud, Niveditha Ramalingam

A Leadership Analysis: Rabbi Dr. Uri Herscher
Elizabeth Hayes, Rachel Kinkade, Julia Malkin

The Rebirth of Tinsel Town

Jennifer Blackwell, Lauren Golden Jones, Samantha Rotstein, Jonathan Shum

USAID Micro Development Program
Robert Coox, Ashley Eure, Priscilla Hamilton, Kiran Hashmi, Anand Krishnaswamy

Rapid Impact Emergency Project: Southern Sudan
Brant Hanson, Laura Peralta, Lauren Quan-Madrid, Smita Satiani

Healing a Hospital
Damon Pfalmer, Tiana Tafua, Cherie Whittlesey, Robert Huntly, Cecily McAlpine

Mixed Use Condo Hotel
Michael Mon, Andrew Slaton, William Vogt