Myers Testifies in Sacramento

Knowledge in Action:

Myers Delivers Expert Testimony at State Capitol

SPPD Professor favors seniors aiding youth

Chris Van Gorder with patient

Dowell Myers, professor of urban planning and demography at the USC School of Policy, Planning, and Development, testified before the Joint Committee on the Master Plan for Higher Education at the State Capitol in Sacramento in February.

Myers stressed the importance of older voters supporting higher education for youth, given the aging trend shaping the state’s future.

After four decades of stability, California’s ratio of seniors to working-age residents is about to soar by 73 percent, “throwing everything out of whack, like the ratio between older home sellers and younger buyers,” he said. “The best way to strengthen the younger generation so it can support the economy is increased access to higher education.”

Dowell said three major sources of economic benefits will help the state and its seniors.

First, the college-educated pay more taxes, so providing access to higher education is a great tax investment. The college-educated are more skilled workers, so they help replace baby boomer retirees. And the college-educated, on average, pay home prices that are 64 percent higher than those paid by high school graduates, which improves the outlook for seniors selling their homes.

Photo by Bill Youngblood