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One of the goals of the School of Policy, Planning, and Development (SPPD) at USC is to develop opportunities to expand the knowledge, experiences and opportunities of the next generation of the future leaders of our professions.

We are writing to encourage your active participation in helping to “prepare the next generation” by asking that you consider budgeting a professional internship opportunity within your organization for the 2011-2012 fiscal year. The key to developing capable leaders depends largely on our ability to provide worthwhile and meaningful workplace opportunities and experiences. We know these are tough economic times, but encourage you to enlist the assistance of talented and eager young professionals willing to assist with your organizational needs.

We ask that the position be structured and meaningful. It is our hope that the intern will be able to interact frequently with you and your executive team on real-world projects developing the skills, knowledge and experiences necessary to succeed in the profession. If you are able to secure a funded (or volunteer) internship, there are two ways to submit your vacancy for inclusion in the database: Fill out our Employer Job Submission online form or e-mail your vacancy to Our SPPD Jobs, Internships and Fellowships database lists full and part time positions, internships and fellowships in government agencies, nonprofits, health care organizations, urban planning agencies, international programs, and private companies with a public sector focus. These postings are available to over 1,500 SPPD students and more than 16,000 SPPD alumni.

Please contact Tom Kribben, SPPD Director of Career Services, at or (213) 740-7481 should you have any questions. Thank you in advance for your support. Fight on!