Alumni Spotlight: Mike Low

Alumni Spotlight: Q&A with Michael K. Low, MPA ’80

Mike Low Mike Low is the president of the SPPD Alumni Association’s Board of Directors. Currently, he serves as the senior managing director/senior vice president of London Pacific & Partners, Inc. The company offers a range of operational, strategic and regulatory advisory services for clients in the healthcare, hospitality and financial services industries. It has offices in Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, London and Mumbai, India.

What does your role as Alumni Association president entail?

As president, I represent the SPPD Alumni Association and preside over its Board. My role also includes serving as an ex-officio member of the SPPD Board of Councilors and liaison to staff on fundraising matters. The purpose of SPPD Alumni Association’s Board is to serve as a partner with SPPD through supporting and fostering its academic excellence, professional relevance, alumni engagement, professional development for students and alumni, and influence in the outside community.

What are your goals for the Alumni Association?

USC has embarked on an ambitious campaign to secure $6 billion in gifts over the next several years. The School of Policy, Planning and Development is a part of that campaign, and I believe that one of the Alumni Association’s principal objectives is to support this goal through pursuing alumni recruitment and ongoing engagement.

In addition, the Association will continue to foster professional development for students and alumni through career workshops, internships, mentoring programs and residencies.

Why is it important for your fellow SPPD alumni to become active and engaged in the association?

When we were students at USC, we were quickly exposed to and supported by the Trojan Family. This is a tenet that runs deep throughout the university; however, the Trojan Family is only as strong as the commitment from its alumni. As such, it is important for our alumni to be active in the association as an effective means to give back to students, SPPD and USC.

Tell us about your current position as senior managing director/senior vice president of London Pacific & Partners, Inc.

London Pacific & Partners is a private equity and corporate finance investor and advisor focused on the transformation of undervalued and growth companies in healthcare and hospitality. As part of the executive team, I am responsible for deal/project origination and the day-to-day operations of the company.

In what ways has your SPPD education prepared you professionally?

Truthfully, my SPPD education gave me the foundation and the credentials to begin a professional career. Once in an entry-level position, you are treated like raw material that your employer refines and applies in a real world situation.

My SPPD education gave me a professional watershed moment through the residency program. While most of my colleagues were pursuing careers in hospital administration, I was awarded a residency with the planning and M&A (mergers & acquisitions) department of a large, national hospital system, which eventually transformed into a full-time position and thus set my career path.