Asghar Zomorrodian

Ph.D., Public Administration
University of Southern California

Twenty-five years of teaching, consulting, and research in management, business, and public policy/administration/international development. Expertise in human resources, strategic management, organizational change and leadership studies, productivity and total quality, projects and public policy and nonprofit organizations management. Extensive work in adult and self-directed learning, and curriculum design.

Ph.D. (1978) Public Administration, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California. Focus: Management, Organization Behavior and Development, Human Resources, and Comparative Management.
MPA. (1976) University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California. Focus: Organization Theory and Behavior, Human Resources, Organization Development (OD).
M.A. (1968) Tehran University, Tehran: Administrative Sciences and Management
B.A. (1962) Shiraz University, Shiraz. Major: Liberal Arts and English

Professional and Academic Appointments
1996-Present: Professor (Management & Organizational Leadership) & Faculty Advisor, Doctoral Program and College of Undergraduate Studies, Union Institute & University. Activities: Mentoring and Teaching in a Self-directed Bachelor¦s program in the area of business, management, and organizational leadership, curriculum design and research in theory and practice and Adult Learning. Online course design and doctoral seminar development, review of doctoral dissertation and program summary.
1991-Present: Adjunct Associate Professor of Management and Public Administration, University of Southern California. Teaching: Human Resources Management, Organization Behavior and Theory, Project & Systems Management, Public/Nonprofit Organization Management and International Development.
1987-1991: Associate Professor, College of Systems Science, University of Denver, Colorado. Teaching: Organization Behavior, Human Resources & Project Management, Organization theory and Human Factor Courses in the Systems Management. Course design & curriculum development.
1986-1987: Associate Professor, Institute of Safety and Systems Management, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA. Activities: Teaching: Organization Theory, Personnel System, Organization Behavior and Socio environmental Factors in Management.
1984-1986: Visiting Associate Professor, School of Public Administration, University of Southern California, Los Angeles., CA 90089 0041. Activities: Teaching: Public Personnel Administration, Public Administration, Public Organization & Management, and Organization Behavior.
1981-83: Associate Professor: Allameh Tabatabaee University, Tehran, Iran
1978-80: Asst. professor, State Management Training Center Tehran, Iran

Part-time Appointments
1991-Present: Adjunct Professor, Chapman University. Activities: Teaching: organization theory and behavior, strategic management, and organization development and leadership in MBA, HRM and organizational leadership programs. Course design, conducting OD workshops and simulations.

Administrative and Management Experience
1994-97: MBA & Human Resources Program Coordinator, Chapman University, Los Angeles Center. In charge of the delivery of B.A. in Business, MBA, M.S. in Human Resources. Activities included faculty hiring and development, program promotion and marketing, and program evaluation. Student guidance and counseling and managing all academic matters.
1992-93: TQM Program Director, Chapman University, Norton AFB.
1979-84: Vice Chancellor and later Chancellor of State Management Training Center, Iranian Government
1969-74: Training Coordinator for All Public Agencies. Iran Civil Service Organization

Additional Education
1970-71: MBA Condensed Certificate Program, Cranfield Institute of Technology, England
1968: Advanced Regional Management Program: Pakistan Staff College, Lahore, Pakistan. Some 360 contact hours, including a study tour to different organizations in Pakistan and Turkey.

Special Qualifications/Projects

  • Teaching in the leading universities and Management Development institutes in the world: U.S., Europe, Iran and Asia. Areas: business and public management
  • More than 12 years of experience in HRM and Management Training including program design, course development, program delivery and seminar leadership and training of trainers
  • More than 12 years of international Consulting in the area of human resources management and development, public service reform including a couple of project s for the United Nations
  • Designer and implementer of a “Project Management Modular Courses” for USC and the first Faculty Development Workshop on Adult Education Methodologies for Chapman University, L.A. Center, 1995
  • Designer of a modular TQM Training program for the Chapman Univ. Norton AFB, 1992
  • Designer of three New Courses in the Systems Management Program at Denver University 1990
  • Coordinator and implementer of the first Training of Trainers program at USC

Publications/Conference Submissions
(2005) Complexity Theory and the Role of Spirituality in Corporate Transformation, to be submitted to the 13th.annual Conference of American Association of Business and Behavioral Sciences, Las Vegas, Feb. 2006
(2005) Preliminary results on research on Nonprofit and Public-private partnerships: How Recent Management Innovations can help Increase their Productivity and Performance, presented at the 12th Annual meeting of American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences
(2004) In Progress: application of emerging trends in management and leadership for nonprofit organizations & Public-Private Partnership: A Sabbatical Research Project. The project looked nonprofit organizations and public-private partnerships, challenges faced by them, and examined how and to what extend recent innovations in management like TQM, Reengineering, Learning Organizations and Team-based approach can help these organizations and programs for self-renewal.
(2004) Continuity & Discontinuity: Organizational Change Strategies, presented at the 11th Annual meeting of American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences.
(2003) The Application of 360 Degree Feedback and Evaluation in a Mentoring Program, presented at the 10th Annual meeting of American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences, Feb. Selected as the Best Paper by a Tack Chair (2002) 360 Feedback and its Application in Coaching and Mentoring Models, Presented at the 9th. Annual National Conference of American Society of Business and Behavioral Science (ASBBS), Las Vegas, NA.
(2001) Coaching and Mentoring in College Level Educational Programs, Presented at the 8th. Annual National Conference of American Society of Business and Behavioral Science (ASBBS), Las Vegas, NA.
(2000) Emerging Trends in Management Development: Executive Coaching and Mentoring, Presented at the 7th. Annual National Conference of American Society of Business and Behavioral Science (ASBBS), Las Vegas, NA.
(1999) Conceptual Framework for Developing a Multidimensional Instrument for Assessing Self-directed Learners at the College and Professional Level, to be presented at the 13th. International Symposium of Self-directed Learning, Stockdale, AZ. (Published by Motorola University)
(1999) New Experimental Approach to Management Education at the College Level, submitted at the 6th. Annual Conference of ASBBS, Las Vegas, NA.
(1998) Learning Organization: Towards Empowering Self-directed Learners, submitted to International Symposium of Self Directed Learning, Kissimmee, FL. (published by U. of Oklahoma)
(1998) New Trends in Leadership as They Affect Strategic Management, submitted to the national conference of ASBBS, Las Vegas, Nevada. (Publication in ASBBS Journal)
(1997) An Emerging Paradigm in Higher and Professional Education, submitted to the 11th. International Symposium of Self-directed Learning, Kissimmee, FL. Feb. (Published by U of Oklahoma)
(1997) Outreach and Recruitment Strategies in Adult Oriented Learning Programs, submitted to Adult Learning Conference sponsored by the S. Carolina University, March 1997 (coauthor)
(1993) “A Holistic Approach to Project Planning and Implementation HAPPI ” to be published in the new edition of Project Management Implementation, Project Management Institute.
(1987) “The Promise of Project Management for Developing Countries” with L. Stuckenbruck, International Journal of Project Management (August Issue)
(1987) “Toward Indigenous Theories of Administration” With W. Bjur. International Review of Administrative Science. Vol. 52. No. 4 (December)
(1986) ” An Experience with Matrix Management, International Journal of Project Management. Vol.4. No 3.

International Consulting/Activities
1992-95: President and Sr. Consultant: IMG Management Consulting. Consultant to business and Industrial organizations in U.S. and aboard, conducting workshops in Strategic Management and TQM and consulting services.
1989: Project Consultant for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in the country of Bhutan for management improvement through institutionalizing in country training system.
1979: Project Consultant for a study on management training and development practices in the leading staff colleges and training institutes of the world including those in US. England, Switzerland, and Germany for United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
1977: Project Consultant for an Action Research Project on Management Training and Development Practices in Iran for New York Resource and Development Corporation.

2000: Project Management Approach as a Vehicle for Application of Modern Management Approaches in the Organization, PMI Monthly Meeting Los Angels, CA 1993: “TQM Applications in Manufacturing and Industrial Activities” At APICS, Los Angeles Chapter, Los Angeles, CA.
1991: “A Holistic Paradigm for Total Quality Management, At Project Management Institute, Gold Coast Chapter, Delco, Santa Barbara, CA.
1989: “Project Management Seminar/Workshop, at University Hilton, for project managers of Community Redevelopment Agency, city of LA, CA.
1983: Guest Speaker to the Regional Management Seminar for RCD countries at Pakistan Administrative Staff College, Lahore, Pakistan.

Computer Skills
Windows, Application software: MS Office, Perfect Office, Project Management, data base, Web, presentation and communication, Online course delivery (Blackboard/e-College)

Awards and Honors
2002: Best Paper by Track Chair Award, American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences (ASBBS)
2001: Outstanding Service as a Chair for Management Education Track, by (ASBBS) 1989-96: Biographical Listing: AMERICA’S WHO’S WHO: Industry, Finance & Education.
1977: Honorary Diploma by Center for Training and Development (student), University of Southern California: “Specialist in Systems Analysis & Training”
1974: Fellowship for Doctoral Studies at the University of Southern California.
1970: Cent Fellowship for study at the Cranfield Institute of Technology, England.