Dynamic Centers

— Philanthropy, Nonprofits, and Social Innovation —


The USC Price School houses two influential centers employing the school’s immense intellectual capital and interdisciplinary strengths to develop research that is transformative yet practical. They also provide a premiere venue for high-level discourse on philanthropy and social innovation, bringing together thought leaders from across sectors to spark discussion and build collaborative solutions to the challenges facing our communities and beyond.

Left photo: Robert Price, President and CEO of Price Philanthropies, flanked by USC Price graduate students who assessed the impact of the newly located Copley-Price Family YMCA. Center photo: A group of Somali women visit the Copley-Price Family YMCA pool. Right photo: Chris Oechsli, president and CEO of The Atlantic Philanthropies, at a discussion hosted by the Center on Philanthropy and Public Policy on Atlantic’s plans to accelerate their impact as the life of the foundation comes to an end.

Our Los Angeles location enhances the capabilities of USC Price centers, as this region constitutes a vibrant laboratory generating new models of problem-solving for greater societal benefit — creativity that is driven in large part by the following centers:

USC Center on Philanthropy and Public Policy (CPPP)

The ultimate value of philanthropy exists in its effective application to pressing issues. The USC Center on Philanthropy and Public Policy works to advance solutions crucial to ensure that donors’ good intentions translate into concrete societal benefits, widely sharing research findings through reports, papers, and convenings.

Since its inception in 2000, the Center has conducted groundbreaking research and analysis to ensure that philanthropists, policymakers, and civic leaders are armed with the strategies they need to foment meaningful, positive change — both collaboratively and independently.

The Center has set a new standard in the vanguard of scholarship, research, and practice regarding the nexus of philanthropy and public policy. The results bolster philanthropy’s power regionally, nationally, and globally to address the many needs of diverse communities — all while preparing new generations of leaders to achieve even greater breakthroughs for society in the future.

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USC Sol Price Center for Social Innovation

The USC Sol Price Center for Social Innovation develops ideas and social entrepreneurship to improve the quality of life for people in low-income, urban communities around the world. The Center builds viable, sustainable models of community development that can be replicated throughout and across nations. It recognizes social movements, cultural change, novel enterprises, and institutional partnerships — as well as new technologies and services — as seed beds for social innovation. It also fosters dialogue about social and urban development policies to make sure the concerns of the poor are heard.

Since 2012, the Center has funded more than $350,000 in research projects addressing the challenges facing San Diego’s City Heights community, with the aim of finding replicable strategies. Studies relate to community gardens, food security, public safety, community health, and the importance of transportation to employment opportunities, among other topics.

The Center convened a national symposium of multidisciplinary scholars and practitioners exploring poverty, policy, and ways of bridging families to opportunity. Participants in the Innovating to End Urban Poverty Conference examined what is and is not working with an emphasis on new policies, programs, or practices to help end urban poverty. Research papers, videos, and transcripts from the “Innovating to End Urban Poverty” event are available online to spur continued dialogue toward potential solutions.

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