Master of Public Administration/Master of Arts in Jewish Nonprofit Management

The Master of Public Administration/Master of Arts in Jewish Nonprofit Management (MPA/MA) has been developed in partnership with Hebrew Union College to prepare students for careers related to the support of Jewish communities and organizations, as well as the decision-making processes in urban communities at large.

Students receive solid academic and experiential foundations in the American Jewish experience—its history, culture and ways of getting things done—combined with the theory and practice of community organization and administration.

Students must complete 88 units of coursework, 36 units in public administration and 52 units from the Hebrew Union College. The students must also complete 24 months in supervised fieldwork.

Public Administration

  • Public Administration and Society (PPD 540) – 4 units
  • Economics for Policy, Planning and Development (PPD 501ab) – 2-2 units
  • Intersectoral Leadership (PPD 500) – 2 units
  • Public Financial Management and Budgeting (PPD 541) – 4 units OR
    Financial Management of Nonprofit Organizations (PPDE 645) – 4 units
  • Professional Practice of Public Administration (PPD 546) – 4 units
  • Human Behavior in Public Organization (PPD 545) – 4 units

Students take 8 elective units, including two from the following list, and an additional 6 units of elective classes offered within the Price School:

  • Financial Accounting for Health Care Organizations (PPD 516x) – 4 units
  • Entrepreneurship and the Public Sector (PPD 668) – 4 units
  • The Nonprofit Sector and Philanthropy (PPD 689) – 4 units
  • Nonprofit Management and Leadership (PPD 675*) – 4 units

(*Recommendation preparation for PPD 675: PPD 689.)