Dual Degree: Master of Public Administration / Master of Social Work

The USC dual degree in social work and public administration offers a distinctive opportunity for students to earn advanced credentials through two of the university’s most celebrated professional degree programs: the USC Price Master of Public Administration and the USC Master of Social Work (MPA/MSW). Designed for students who will pursue  careers in leadership and administration of social agencies across sectors, the dual degree program requires two calendar years of full-time study. The first year is devoted to the standard social work first-year master’s curriculum. During the second year, students will take courses in both social work and public administration. The curriculum for both summers will be in public administration.

Students must complete 82 units including:

  • 54 units in social work
  • 28 units in public administration

Policy, Planning, and Development
Intersectoral Leadership (PPD 500) – 2 units
Economics for Policy, Planning and Development (PPD 501ab) – 2-2 units
Public Administration and Society (PPD 540) – 4 units
Public Financial Management and Budgeting (PPD 541) – 4 units
Professional Practice of Public Administration (PPD 546) – 4 units
PPD Electives – 10 units

Electives in public administration must be approved by the graduate advisor in USC Price.

Social Work (54 units)
SOWK 503 – Human Behavior and the Social Environment I – 3 units
SOWK 505 – Human Behavior and the Social Environment II – 3 units
SOWK 534 – Policy and Practice in Social Service Organizations – 3 units
SOWK 535 – Social Welfare – 3 units
SOWK 543 – Social Work Practice with Individuals and Families – 4 units
SOWK 545 – Social Work Practice with Groups and Complex Cases – 2 units
SOWK 562 – Social Work Research – 3 units
SOWK 586ab – Field Practicum – 3-3 units
SOWK 587ab – Integrative Learning for Social Work Practice – 2-2 units
SOWK 599 – Special Topics (approved by concentration) – 3 units
SOWK 611 – Leadership in the Social Work Profession and Organizations: Theory and Practice – 3 units
SOWK 629 – Evaluation of Research: Community Organization, Planning and Administration – 3 units
SOWK 639 – Social Policy for Managers, Planners, and Community Organizers – 3 units
SOWK 648 – Management for Community and Social Services – 3 units
SOWK 686ab – Field Practicum II – 8 units

*Students who have taken a leadership course in PPD are not required to take SOWK 611.