Master of Planning/Master of Public Administration


The USC Price MPL/MPA dual degree highlights the intersections of urban planning and public administration. Students can expect to graduate with requisite administrative, budgeting and fiscal analysis skills, knowledge of operations and services of local governments, and the ability to conduct planning operations within a municipal management context. It affords graduates versatility to have a broad scope of influence on the future of their communities. This dual degree program normally requires five semesters in residence.

Students must have completed 12 undergraduate course credit units of social science, with no more than 8 units in any one field. Students must also satisfy the Master of Public Administration statistics prerequisite and other prerequisites. PPD 525 satisfies the Price School of Public Policy prerequisite in descriptive and inferential statistics for dual degree students. Dual degree students completing PPD 525 with a grade of B or higher need not to take PPD 502x Statistical Foundations for Public Management and Policy.

Students must complete 60 units, including 26 units in public administration, 20 units in planning and 14 units of PPD electives (eight in planning).

Public Administration
Intersectoral Leadership (PPD 500) – 2 units
Economics for Policy, Planning and Development (PPD 501ab) – 2-2 units (4 total)
Public Administration and Society (PPD 540) – 4 units
Public Financial Management and Budgeting (PPD 541) – 4 units
Human Behavior in Public Organization (PPD 545) – 4 units
Professional Practice of Public Administration (PPD 546) – 4 units

Students select one of the following:
Policy and Program Evaluation (PPD 542) – 4 units
Modeling and Operations Research (PPD 557) – 4 units
Administrative Research and Analysis (PPD 666) – 4 units

Urban and Regional Planning
Planning Theory (PPD 524) – 2 units
Statistics and Arguing from Data (PPD 525) – 2 units
Comparative International Development (PPD 526) – 2 units
The Social Context of Planning (PPD 527) – 2 units
Legal Environment of Planning (PPD 529) – 2 units
Planning History and Urban Form (PPD 533) – 2 units

Planning Studios
Students take PPD 531L (4, 4) to total 8 units.

Students take 14 units of elective courses within the USC Price School. Eight of these elective units must be taken in the planning program to fulfill the selected concentration gateway and methodology course requirements. Dual degree students who complete 502x with a grade of B or higher need not take PPD 525. Instead, students who have completed 502x should take additional elective courses within Policy, Planning, and Development for a total of 16 elective units.