Master of Planning/Master of Public Arts Studies

Master of Planning/Master of Public Arts Studies

For students admitted before Fall 2011:

The Master of Planning/Master of Public Art Studies dual degree program prepares graduates for successful careers in public art administration, planning and community development. Los Angeles and the facilities at USC provide a unique learning laboratory to graduate more competitive professionals who understand both the administration of public art and issues of urban planning.

Students must complete 64 units including:

  • 22 units in public art studies
  • 22 in urban planning and development
  • 20 in a field of study with no more than eight units taken from other USC programs

Public Art Studies
Administration Survey (PAS 561) — 3 units
Administration and Program Development (PAS 562) — 3 units
History Survey (PAS 571) — 3 units
History (PAS 572) — 3 units
Forum (PAS 581) — 2 units
Public Space, the Public Realm and Public Art (PAS 585) — 3 units
Field Internship Experience (PAS 591) — 1 unit
Master’s Thesis (PAS 594ab) or Final Thesis Project (PAS 593ab) — 2–2 units

Policy, Planning and Development
Intersectoral Leadership (PPD 500) – 2 units
Economics for Policy, Planning and Development (PPD 501a) – 2 units
Planning Theory (PPD 524) — 2 units
Statistics and Arguing from Data (PPD 525) — 2 units
Comparative International Development (PPD 526) — 2 units
Legal Environment of Planning (PPD 529) — 2 units
Core Laboratory Workshop (PPD 531L) — 4 units
Planning History and Urban Form (PPD 533) – 2 units
Design Skills for Urban Planners (PPD 627) — 4 units

Field of Study
No more than eight units from outside the Schools of Fine Arts and Policy, Planning, and Development

Capstone Projects
Students must complete a master’s thesis or final thesis project through the School of Fine Arts and the MPL comprehensive examination through the Price School of Public Policy.

All students must complete 400 hours of internship through the Price School of Public Policy. This internship may be partially or completely fulfilled through prior professional experience.