Dual Degree: Dollinger Master of Real Estate Development / Juris Doctor


The USC Dollinger Master of Real Estate Development/Juris Doctor (MRED/JD) dual degree program is designed for in-depth study of legal issues with a specialized focus on real estate.

The complex regulatory environment developers work within demands that professionals in the industry can effectively negotiate the many systems and institutions involved in a project. Lawyers who plan to specialize in real state law will benefit from knowledge of the issues such as finance, site planning, marketing, and design.

Candidates must apply and be accepted to both the Gould School of Law and the Price School of Public Policy. This program normally requires three years (including one summer) of full-time study in residence to complete.

Students must complete 110 units, including 76 units in law and 34 units in real estate development. To earn the JD, all students (including dual degree students) must complete 35 numerically graded law units at USC after the first year.

Law School
Procedure I (LAW 502) – 4 units
Contracts (LAW 503) – 4 units
Criminal Law (LAW 504) – 3 units
Legal Profession (LAW 505) – 3 units
Property (LAW 507) – 4 units
Constitutional Law I (LAW 508) – 4 units
Torts I (LAW 509) – 4 units
Legal Research (LAW 510) – 0 units
Introduction to Lawyering Skills (LAW 511ab) – 1 unit each
Law, Language, and Ethics (LAW 512) – 3 units

In addition, students must complete 45 units of LAW electives, including fulfillment of upper division writing.

Real Estate Development
Real Estate Development and the Economy (RED 500) – 2 units
Market Analysis for Real Estate (RED 509) – 4 units
Finance Fundamentals for Real Estate Development (RED 541) – 2 units
Finance of Real Estate Development (RED 542) – 3 units
Real Estate Capital Markets (RED 544) – 2 units
Applications of Real Estate Finance to Problems of Development (RED 546) – 3 units
Project Management and Construction (RED 547) – 2 units
The Approval Process (RED 551) – 4 units
Design History and Criticism (RED 573) – 2 units
Building Typologies (RED 574) – 2 units
Community Design and Site Planning (RED 575L) – 4 units
Real Estate Product Development (RED 598) – 2 units

Students take two units of elective courses from the Price School of Public Policy.

Comprehensive Examination
Students are required to complete a comprehensive examination administered by faculty members from both the Gould School of Law and the Price School of Public Policy.