Executive MHA

Executive MHA

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U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics* reports a 23% job growth for all healthcare management and hospital administration from 2012 to 2022 – considerably more growth than most other occupations.

In this highly competitive, market-driven environment, students in the Executive Master of Health Administration program learn to be visionary, transformative, and effective leaders amidst profound and rapid change in technology, economics, ethics, finance, policy and management.

Through our rigorous curriculum, world-class faculty, flexible schedule, and purposeful community of faculty, alumni and students, the healthcare administration program brings immediate value to both student and their organizations — especially during this time of rapid healthcare reform.

Learning cohorts provide students with a lasting learning and professional community – while the flexible healthcare management courses connects them more broadly within the USC Trojan Family.

Using modern technologies such as desktop and mobile conferencing (audio and video), social networks, and collaborative authoring environments, healthcare management courses employ the proven pedagogical methods for busy professional learners.

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* see U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics at: