Class Scheduling

MHA Curriculum

Class Scheduling

USC Price’s schedule of classes accommodates both full-time students and working professionals. Students may enroll in MHA classes at the University Park Campus in Los Angeles and at the USC State Capital Center. Classes in Los Angeles are scheduled in both weekly and intensive semester formats, whereas Sacramento Center classes are generally scheduled only on the intensive semester format.

Weekly Format Classes
Weekly format classes are typically scheduled in the afternoons and evenings, and meet once each week. The regular time for afternoon classes is 2:00-5:20 p.m.; for evening classes, 6:00-9:20 p.m. Occasionally, graduate classes are scheduled 8:00-11:20 a.m.

Intensive Semester Format
The intensive semester format involves a different approach to both class scheduling and to the learning process. The intensive semester is divided into three distinct parts:

  • an initial increment of approximately five weeks of directed, preparatory reading and concept development
  • two separate sessions of eight full days of class for four-unit classes, generally scheduled around two weekends (usually Thursday through Sunday), four to six weeks apart or another similar configuration equivalent to the total number of hours required for the course based on the unit value such as Friday and Saturdays, eight-hours each day for 2 unit courses (i.e. 1-9 p.m. Friday and 9-5 p.m. Saturday); formats vary
  • an application period involving the preparation of a project or paper in which the student applies class learning to work-related or other field situation