Degree Completion and Retention Rates


Most students pursue the MHA degree as full-time students and complete the program in two to three years. Students may also enroll in the MHA program as “part-time” and may complete the program in three to five years. The time limit for completing a master’s degree at USC is five years. For students who have graduated from the MHA program the average completion time is 1.91 years*.

Students who have entered the MHA program from academic year (AY) 2011 through AY 2015 have an extremely high completion rate of 92%*. Completion rates have dramatically improved since the latest revision to the curriculum, in 2010. As noted below, between 82% and 89% of the students entering in AY 2013 or AY 2014 completed within two years, and 94% of the 2014 enrollees completed within three years. The program’s overall retention rate is 97%*, and has improved for enrollees since implementation of the new curriculum.

*Based on students entering in AY 2011 through AY 2015. An Academic Year is defined as the fall term of the given year through the following summer term.


MHA Completion and Retention Table