MHA Specialization: Management, Operations and Leadership

Management, Operations and Leadership

Students specializing in Management, Operations and Leadership may select courses from one of three clusters: facility management, managed care, or health leadership. These clusters build on the courses all MHA students take as part of the core curriculum.

  • Management, Operations and Leadership Core
    (Required of all MHA students)

    • Human Behavior in Public Organizations (PPD 545)
    • Legal Issues in Healthcare Delivery (PPD 514)
    • Strategic Management in Healthcare Organizations (PPD 515)
    • Intersectoral Leadership (PPD 500)

Students select 8 units from one or two of the following clusters:

  • Facility Management Cluster
    • Management of Long-term Care Organizations (PPD 601)
    • Marketing of Health Services (PPD 603)
    • Seminar in Hospital Administration (PPD 604)
    • Frontline Issues in Health Services Administration and Policy (PPD 605)
    • Physician Practice Management (PPD 609)
    • Cultural Proficiency in Health Management and Policy (PPD 697)
  • Managed Care Cluster
    • Management of Managed Care Organizations (PPD 600)
    • Managed Care Contracting (PPD 610)
  • Health Leadership Cluster
    • Leadership Symposium in Health Management and Policy (PPD 608)
    • Clinical Issues for Managers (PPD 695)