MNLM Students

urban_3114Since enrolling our first MNLM class in 2015, the Price School has welcomed students from all over the country and all over the world into the rigorous, multidisciplinary program.

Managers and aspiring leaders of nonprofits, foundations, boards, community outreach programs in private organizations — individuals who are passionate about creating social change through research and scholarship — are encouraged to apply.


In their own words …

Nweke“My education in the MNLM program has helped me discover ways to translate what was once abstract into something more concrete. It has given me the gifts of strategy, planning, and analysis, and a network of like-minded individuals and experienced executives. It has helped me find mentors and advisors who are actually invested in my success. But most of all, it has left me beaming with clarity.” — Noddy Nweke (MNLM ’16)

montes“I felt that the depth and exploration of topic material relevant to the nonprofit sector was cutting edge in the MNLM program.  We were not only thinking about and analyzing what has made nonprofits successful now and in the past, but also looking to the future to see how we could continue implementing new practices that would improve the sector and serve specific communities even more effectively.” — Christopher Montes (MNLM ’16)