The USC Price Advantage: MPA

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USC Price provides a rigorous public administration education with breadth and depth that sets our MPA program apart.


specializeiconSpecialize and Thrive

Price MPA students are encouraged to specialize by completing at least 12 units of focused electives in a substantive subject area. Popular specialization tracks include: Local Government, Nonprofit Management, Health, Public Finance, International, and Arts Leadership. Alternatively, students may self-design a Specialization related to their personal interest.

leadershipiconCritical Leadership Training

Leadership development tracks through core courses and is put to test through the MPA capstone, in which students create a consultation project for a real client. MPA labs develop advanced skills in research, writing, and communication. Focused workshops target areas such as network development and political communications. Price MPA graduates have individual styles and personalities, but they share a core skill set to stimulate positive impact on colleagues and society.

Real Skills for Real Success

USC Price MPA graduates have the political skills to get things done at the highest levels of an organization. They gain a strong aptitude in:

Organizational analysis and design

Financial management and budgeting

Policy and program evaluation

Team-building and group dynamics

Negotiation and conflict resolution

Students translate these skill to best advance their careers and evolve with the profession.


USC Price is a model of the future…because of its focus on cross-sectoral solutions to the major issues of our day.

KeislerJohn Keisler, MPA ’05
Chief Financial Officer, Long Beach Police Department