MPA Specializations and Recommended Courses

26312248653_1982c835f1_nMPA students are encouraged to specialize by completing at least 12 units of focused electives in a substantive subject area. Six popular specialization tracks and recommended courses are listed below. Students may take other relevant electives, however, to complete their degree with a specialization.

Alternatively, students who prefer to pursue a specialization of personal interest may self-design (with Price School guidance) a program that includes USC courses across various disciplines.

Local Government (Faculty advisor: Peter Robertson)


PPD 628 — Urban Planning and Social Policy
PPDE 647 — Civic Engagement and Governance
PPD 651 — Seminar in the Administration of Local Government
PPD 657 — Political Leadership in Public Organizations

Nonprofit Management (Faculty advisor: Nicole Esparza)


PPDE 645 — Financial Management of Nonprofit Organizations
PPDE 647 — Civic Engagement in Governance
PPD 675 — Nonprofit Management and Leadership
PPD 689 — The Nonprofit Sector and Philanthropy

Health (Faculty advisor: Howard Greenwald)


PPD 511 — Health Information Systems (2 units)
PPD 513 — Legal Issues in Health Care Delivery (2 units)
PPD 518 — Quality of Care Concepts (2 units)
PPD 600 — Management of Managed Care Organizations (2 units)
PPD 601 — Management of Long-Term Care Organizations (2 units)
PPD 604 — Seminar in Hospital Administration (2 units)
PPD 509 — Problems and Issues in the Health Field

Public Finance (Faculty advisor: Mike Thom)


PPD 541 — Public Financial Management and Budgeting
PPD 625 — Planning and Economic Development Finance
PPD 647 — Finance of the Public Sector

International (Faculty advisor: Yan Tang)


PPD 526 — Comparative International Development
PPDE 649 — International Development NGOs
PPD 677 — International Development Administration
PPD 613ab — Policy, Planning, and Development International Laboratory

Arts Leadership


ARTL 500 — Arts Leadership and Arts Entrepreneurship (2 units)
ARTL 501 — Executive Leadership in the Arts (2 units)
ARTL 502 — Issues and the Arts in the Contemporary World (2 units)
ARTL 503 — Arts Organizations: Innovation and New Models (2 units)
ARTL 504 — Arts and the Community: Current Practice and New Visions (2 units)
ARTL 510 — Arts leadership Practicum (2+2 units)