Economic Development

MPL Concentration


Functional design, social and civil services, and a robust job market are the core of an economically healthy community. At a greater geographical scale, development of regional economies can inspire models for planning in an international context.

Suggested courses for students selecting this concentration include:

  • Seminar in Urban Development (PPD 622)
  • Local Economic Development: Theory and Finance (PPD 624)
  • Public/Private and Mixed Enterprises Planning (PPD 626)
  • Housing and Land Use in Rapidly Urbanizing Regions (PPDE 635)
  • Real Estate Practice and Principles (RED 510)
  • Foundations of Real Estate Analysis (RED 511)
  • Real Estate Project Analysis (RED 512)
    (Note: RED 510, RED 511 and RED 512 are requirements for the USC Certificate in Real Estate Development.)

Gateway Course:

  • Introduction to Community and Economic Development (PPD 639)

Concentration Methodology Course:

  • Planning and Economic Development Finance (PPD 625)