Social and Community Planning

MPL Concentration


Social and Community Planning gives specific attention to the changing needs of neighborhood residents and to the ways in which different planning policies, programs and activities contribute to resident well-being. Community planning is a process of organizational change that links residents and services to produce communities that are safe, healthy, and socially connected. Achieving these goals demands that residents actively advocate for their communities.

Suggested courses for students selecting this concentration include:

  • Urban Health Policy (PPD 606)
  • Urban Demography and Growth (PPD 617)
  • Housing Facilities and Community Development (PPD 618)
  • Smart Growth and Urban Sprawl: Policy Debates and Planning Solutions (PPD 619)
  • General Plans (PPD 620)
  • Environmental Impacts (PPD 621)
  • U.S. Immigration Policy (PPD 686)
  • Alternative Dispute Resolutions (PPD 690)

Gateway Course:

  • Urban Planning and Social Policy (PPD 628)

Concentration Methodology Course:

  • Participatory Methods in Planning and Policy (PPD 616)