MPL Students

In their own words …

gogreveMy goal when I entered graduate school was to get a variety of experiences and diversify my résumé. In my internships, I worked at LA Metro in system-wide planning, in the USC Center for Sustainable Cities with Hilda Blanco, and then at the Skid Row Housing Trust, in business development. Price has high standards for work ethics and quality in its courses, and I learned research methods and graphics software that I’ve used in my current job with Heritage Housing Partners. The work thatour professors demand and their understanding of what we’ll be asked to do in internships allowed me to be successful.” —Cassie Gogreve (MPL ’16)

MPL Students

Students from a wide range of backgrounds and interests are drawn to the USC MPL program. Many enroll right after earning an undergraduate degree, while others have substantial work experience in the field of planning.

The Price MPL degree is an valuable asset for those who wish to change careers, move into high-growth urban sectors, or assume more significant management roles in their organizations.


MPL Student Characteristics

MPL Program Characteristics 2016-2017
Total Enrollment 107
% Enrolled Full Time 96%
% Enrolled Minority ^ 44%
% International 19%
% Outside Southern California ^ 45%
Average Age 26
Average Class Size (Core Courses) 49
# of New Students 50
Undergraduate GPA (interquartile range) 3.17 – 3.72
GRE Verbal Score (interquartile range) 153 – 161
GRE Quantitative Score (interquartile range) 148 – 162

^ Domestic Students