MPP Class Scheduling

USC Price’s class scheduling is designed to accommodate both full and part-time students. Classes are scheduled in one of three ways:

  • 23069637895_f59c1cb7fa_nWeekly full semester courses. Courses typically meet once a week in the afternoon or evening for a 3.5 hour session over the entire 16 week semester. These courses usually carry 4 units.
  • Split semester courses. Classes meet weekly in the afternoon or evening for a 3.5 hour session over eight weeks. These courses usually carry 2 units.
  • Intensive courses. Working professionals often find it easier to balance their scholarship with other demands by enrolling in intensives. Intensive courses are scheduled so that in-class time is concentrated into blocks of full-day instruction, affording students extensive time for independent study and practical application of what you have learned. In many cases, this weekly contact is supplemented by online activities outside of the course meetings.  The class design varies depending on the subject matter. Most instructors use a combination of short lectures, group projects, presentations, problem-solving exercises, outside speakers, and simulations. Students may not schedule a regular weekly class that conflicts with the published dates of an intensive course.