Policy Area Specializations

Political Management

The higher individuals rise in public sector management, the closer to the political process they become. As responsibilities include working at the intersection of elected, appointed and career officials, cutting edge skills in the area of political research, leadership, and advocacy become extremely useful. Three courses designed to develop your political management skills are offered at the USC State Capital Center in the intensive course format.

Suggested management elective:

  • PPD 690 – Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • PPD 656 – Political Management: Theory and Applied Techniques

Suggested analytic elective:

  • PPD 542 – Program and Policy Evaluation

Sample electives may include:

  • PPD 540 – Public Administration and Society
  • PPD 658 – Advocacy in Public Administration
  • PPD 684 – Leadership Development in the Public and Nonprofit Sectors
  • PPD 616 – Participatory Methods in Planning and Policy
  • PPD 657 – Political Leadership in Public Organizations
  • PPD 693 – Communicating Public Policy