Policy Specialization Electives

Social Justice

This specialization focuses on understanding the set of factors that contribute to a broad range of disparities (or inequities) and the challenges that exist when managing, planning, and policy making among diverse populations. Courses focus on the theories and the analytic tools that are needed to assess issues in social justice.

  • PPD 599 – Seminar in Social Justice
  • PPD 606 – Urban Health Policy
  • PPD 628 – Urban Planning and Social Policy
  • PPD 686 – U.S. Immigration Policy
  • PPD 616 – Participatory Methods in Planning and Policy
  • PPD 617 – Urban Demography and Growth
  • PPD 618 – Housing Facilities and Community Development
  • COMM 653 – Research, Practice & Social Change
  • AMST 560 – Readings on Race and Ethnicity (4, FaSp)
    • Exploration of research on race and ethnicity in the United States as it pertains to political, social, economic, cultural and historical issues.
  • AMST 580 – Readings in Cultural Studies (4, FaSp)
    • Seminar in theoretical approaches to cultural studies, with an emphasis on the analysis of race, gender, sexuality, and class in the U.S.
  • SOCI 552 – Sex and Gender in Society

Suggested management elective:

  • PPD 690 – Alternative Dispute Resolution

Suggested analytic elective:

  • PPDE 661 – Methods for Equity Analysis

Please note: The AMST and SOCI are PHD classes. American Studies has limited the number per semester in their courses to 2 per course.