MPP Program

All entering MPP students must participate in the MPP Lab, which meets the Friday, Saturday and Sunday before the commencement of the fall semester and for three full–day Friday sessions during the month of September.

The purpose of the lab is to:

  • offer a review of statistics , statistical sofware and how to apply them within the USC MPP program
  • acclimate new MPP students to the Los Angeles public policy professional community
  • introduce students to the MPP program through an orientation to internship searches, resume review and interviewing techniques
  • offer an introduction to writing, research, and communication for public policy
  • provide a socialization venue for new MPP students to get acquainted with each other, the MPP faculty and the greater USC community

The MPP Lab will be offered every fall; therefore, students who begin their studies at USC in the spring or summer terms will enroll in the MPP Lab during their first fall semester. Completion of a college–level statistical course (with a grade of B or better) within three years of matriculation at USC is a prerequisite to the program and the MPP Lab. Students who have not fulfilled the statistics prerequisite will need to delay the lab, which may delay completion of the program.