MPP Prerequisites

20797987124_850101e4a0_nThe Master of Public Policy (MPP) program has two prerequisites: Statistics and the MPP Lab.

Statistics Prerequisite

USC Price Faculty require all entering students to demonstrate proficiency in relevant statistical methods. The statistics prerequisite can be satisfied in one of two ways:

  • Statistics Course Taken Prior to Enrollment in the MPP
    Completion of a college-level statistics course with a grade of “B” or better taken within three years of matriculation in the MPP program
  • PPD 502x-Statistical Foundations for Public Management and Policy
    If students have not completed a college-level statistics course with a grade of “B” or better within three years of matriculation in the MPP program, they will need to enroll in PPD 502x and receive a grade of “B” or better.


Entering MPP students must participate in the MPP Lab, which meets the Saturday and Sunday immediately prior to the start date of fall semester AND for two full–day Friday sessions during the month of September.

The MPP Labs provide an introduction to the program and camaraderie with fellow students. Topics covered include:

  • Review of statistics, statistical software, and how to apply this within the MPP program
  • The Los Angeles public policy professional community
  • Orientation to internship searches, resume review, and interviewing techniques
  • Introduction to writing, research, and communication for public policy
  • MPP faculty and the greater USC community

The MPP Lab is offered every fall; therefore, students who begin their program in the spring or summer terms will enroll in the MPP Lab during their first fall semester. Completion of a college–level statistical course (with a grade of B or better) within three years of matriculation at USC is a prerequisite to the program and the MPP Lab. Students who have not fulfilled the statistics prerequisite will need to delay the lab, which may delay completion of the program.