dollinger_7614Prior to enrolling in the Dollinger Master of Real Estate Development program, students are expected to have satisfied various academic and experiential prerequisites. Applicants are expected to address their preparation in these areas in the personal statement of their admission application.

» Professional Experience
» Academic Prerequisites
» Excel Spreadsheet Software
» Finance Proficiency Exam
» Notebook Computer
» Recommended Readings

Professional Experience
MRED applicants are required to have a minimum of two years full-time work experience following completion of the bachelors degree. Experience must be in real estate or a closely related field. Students who have worked directly with real estate assets – such as development, construction, architecture, city planning, commercial real estate finance, commercial real estate brokerage, or real estate law – are best-prepared for the Dollinger MRED program.

Academic Prerequisites
MRED applicants are expected to have preparatory coursework and/or training in general business finance prior to enrollment at USC. Some applicants have already completed such classes as part of a bachelors or masters degree program. Applicants in need of this training should consider university extension programs, community colleges, or specialized training centers as possible sources for this instruction. Applicants are expected to address their preparation in the areas listed below in the written statement with the application for admission:

  • General business finance (including the use of Microsoft Excel)
  • Accounting
  • Economics

Excel Spreadsheet Software
Students are expected to work comfortably with Excel, knowing how to:

  • Create new workbooks
  • Format rows, columns, and numbers
  • Manipulate data
  • Create and use formulas
  • Create conditional formulas using “if” statements
  • Perform operations on ranges
  • Use functions
  • Calculate PV, NPV, PMT, and IRR
  • Sort data
  • Create a basic cash flow statement
  • Create, format, and modify charts
  • Graphics

Finance Proficiency Exam
During MRED Orientation, a Finance Proficiency Exam will be administered and must be passed before students may enroll in RED 542. The exam includes problems requiring the use of Excel to compute the time value of money, internal rates of return, net present value, and mortgage balances. Students who do not pass the quiz will enroll in RED 541 Finance Fundamentals as a prerequisite for RED 542 and apply this course toward MRED elective requirements.

Notebook Computer
Students are required to have a laptop computer. The standard platform used in the MRED program is the PC. Students are welcome to use a Mac, though their system must to be able to operate Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Recommended Readings
As students prepare for enrollment in the MRED, the faculty has suggested a short list of readings. Students are encouraged to read as many of these materials as possible: