USC Master of Real Estate Development

photo of a real estate development

The USC Master of Real Estate Development program prepares graduates for key positions in real estate development, finance, and investment. Courses combine lectures, projects, and site visits so that students can experience all facets of the real estate professional’s tasks and challenges – finance and deal structuring, market analysis, site planning, and project management – and to all product types – residential, retail, office, and industrial. The USC  MRED has a long tradition of providing this education and the recent rise and fall have only served to sharpen the program’s commitment to this legacy.

Real estate fundamentals are at the core of the  MRED curriculum and students enter the program with a keen sense that understanding fundamentals is the central pillar of their education. The particulars of real estate are moving targets. Today’s loans are underwritten differently than two years ago; market segments that were in demand five years ago are no longer. Understanding what is happening now and looking ahead for what will make sense as the marketplace shifts requires a deeper awareness of the structure of real estate.

While the  MRED curriculum is always evolving to meet the needs of students, the structure remains constant: fundamentals matter and USC  MRED graduates leave the program with the tools and knowledge required to meet market conditions, whatever they may be.