Arts and Culture

MUP Concentration

Arts and culture play an increasingly important role in how our cities thrive – economically, socially, and environmentally. In Arts and Culture Planning students will prepare for positions in cultural affairs offices, nonprofit advocacy and program providers, economic development organizations, and political offices. Students will consider such concepts as cultural economy, creative placekeeping and placemaking, and cultural heritage as they learn to assess and spatially analyze community dynamics and work with disparate types of art interventions with those skills related to community engagement and improvement.

Suggested Courses for students selecting this concentration:

  • Community Development and Site Planning (PPD 623)
  • Public Space: Theory, Policy, and Design (PPDE 631)
  • Communicating City Design: Positions and Representations (PPDE 633)
  • Race, Arts, and Placemaking (PPDE 638)
  • Fundamentals of Heritage Conservation (ARCH 549)
  • Global Perspective in Heritage Conservation (ARCH 555)
  • Visual Storytelling and Entrepreneurship in Media (ARCH 585)
  • Arts and the Community: Current Practice and New Visions (ARTL 504)

Gateway Course:

  • Art and the City (PPDE 641)

Concentration Methodology Course:

  • Urban Spatial Ethnography and Critical Cartography (PPDE 636)