Housing and Real Estate Development

MUP Concentration


Cities and towns worldwide are experiencing housing crises that range from severe affordability problems, insecure and informal land tenure, homelessness, social inequities, and low housing quality. Segregation and patterns of exclusion have consigned many persons to sub-standard or insecure housing. Students in this concentration will learn to analyze these problems through a lens of social justice while becoming skilled in market fundamentals. This concentration will train leaders who can span from the private to the public sector, and who will lead by using an understanding of the role of markets, market failures, and historic patterns of power and inequity to develop housing solutions. Students in this concentration will be trained to take positions with private developers, policy positions at all levels of government, and positions with affordable housing providers, and advocacy groups.

Suggested courses for students selecting this concentration include:

  • The Social Context of Planning (PPD 527)
  • Participatory Methods in Planning and Policy (PPD 616)
  • Urban Demography and Growth (PPD 617)
  • Seminar in Urban Development (PPD 622)
  • Local Economic Development: Theory and Finance (PPD 624)
  • Public/Private and Mixed Enterprises Planning (PPD 626)
  • Housing and Land Use in Rapidly Urbanizing Regions (PPDE 635)
  • Introduction to Community and Economic Development (PPD 639)
  • Real Estate Practice and Principles (RED 510)
  • Foundations of Real Estate Analysis (RED 511)
  • Real Estate Project Analysis (RED 512)

Gateway Course:

  • Housing Dynamics for Policy and Planning (PPDE 639)

Concentration Methodology Course:

  • Planning and Economic Development Finance (PPD 625)