Doctor of Policy, Planning, and Development

Doctor of Policy, Planning, and Development

MPA Program

Planning and development professionals who work in the public, private and nonprofit sectors help shape our built environment and improve quality of life for residents in communities everywhere. Working within a complex system of governance, they routinely partner with colleagues across disciplines and professions to find place-based solutions to specific planning and development problems.

USC Price’s Doctor of Policy, Planning, and Development (DPPD) program prepares professionals for leadership in planning and development positions in government agencies, consulting firms, institutional investment firms, development firms and nonprofit organizations. The program provides technological expertise and nurtures the vision and creativity that students need to be effective leaders of these organizations and institutions.

USC Price admits senior policy analysts and decision makers within the public and private sectors who have mastered planning and/or development skills. For these individuals, the DPPD offers an opportunity to expand and deepen their professional abilities and achievements without leaving their current employment. Among the program’s goals are:

  • Develop leading urban professionals who have the capacity and vision to use their development and planning skills in the design, planning and implementation of new integrative policies and systems
  • Create a unique educational environment that allows senior managers and analysts to focus on urban change
  • Assist in establishing a set of new problem-solving paradigms that can significantly influence the decision-making environment in planning and development practice
  • Equip professionals not only with sophisticated analytical tools, but also with the sensitivity and cultural awareness they need to occupy leadership positions in planning and development anywhere in the world