Current and Past Leadership Programs and Speaking Engagements

Robert Denhardt, Director of Leadership Programs —
Paul Danczyk, Director of Executive Education in Sacramento —
(April 2013)

Anachauc Universidad de Xalapa, Veracruz, Mex. 2005
Aguascalientes Governor’s Cabinet, Mexico 2004
Federal Personnel Board, Taiwan 2002
National Conference of State Legislatures/LSMI 2005-present
Federal Highway Transportation Education Development Pilot Program 2009-2011
Roundtable Discussion on US Transportation 2000
CA Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, EIS 2012
CA Department of Social Services 2006
CA Department of Managed Care 2005-2008
California Leadership Institute 1998-2002
CA Department of Insurance 2002
California Performance Review 2000
San Gabriel Valley COG 2005
Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department 2005
County of Los Angeles 2014-present
CA Institute for Mental Health 2002-present
California State Association of Counties 2009-2010
Butte County Healthcare Leadership Training 2005, 2009-2011
County Treasurer and Tax Collectors Assn. 1990-2003
California Society of Municipal Finance Officers 1995-2000
City of Los Angeles Dept. of Human Resources 2006
CA Latino Caucus Institute 2004-2006
Sacramento City Leadership Institute 2002-2003
Asian Pacific State Employees Association 2012-present
California Medical Association 2012
Sierra Health Foundation 2000-2011
CA Latino Caucus Institute 2004-2006
CA Child Care Resource & Referral Network 2006
Grantmakers in Health 2006
NetKAL, USC School of Social Work 2006