Roll of Honor

The following people have helped students greatly by participating in one or more of the Career Service events sponsored by the Price School of Public Policy:

Timothy Anaya, Senior Consultant, CA State Assembly

Ellen Badley, Deputy Director, Health Technology, CA Dept of Managed Care

Kevin Bassett, Chief of Staff, Senator

Dave Cox, CA State Senate

Teri Boughton-DeBencik, Chief Consultant, CA State Assembly Health Committee

Linda Brughelli, Director, Division of Legal Support and Technology, CA Dept of Justice

Marci Burton, Executive Director, Capitol OB/Gyn, Inc.

Jonathan Brown, President, Association of Independent CA Colleges and Universities

Patrick Carroll, Strategic Support Manager, CA Dept of Financial Institutions

Kurt Chismark, Executive Director, Catholic Social Services of Solano and Sacramento

Paul Dirksen, Program Manger, Housing and Community Investment

Bryce Docherty, Principal, The Docherty Group

Anna Ferrera, Lobbyist/Consultant, Murdoch, Walrath and Holmes

David Flores, Jr., Contracts Manager, City of Sacramento

Holly Fraumeni, Legislative Advocate, Platinum Advisors

Steve Hardy, Director, CA Dept of Alcoholic Beverage Control

Crystal Jack, Senate Republican Consultant, Business, Professions and Economic Development

Kent Johnson, Consultant, Highlands Consulting Group

Jennifer Kent, Deputy Director, Legislative and Government Affairs, CA Dept of Health Services

Dan Kramer, President, KPA Strategies Steve Kroeger, Assistant City Manager, Yuba City

Nadia Leal, Legislative Assistant, CA State Senate

Lia Lopez, Senior Consultant, CA Assembly Rules Committee

Steve Maggi, President / Government Relations, Aanko Technologies, Inc.

Sarah Mangum, Director, Finance and Administration, CA Volunteers, Office of the Governor

Lydia Missaelides, Executive Director, CA Association for Adult Day Services

Sandra Perez, Director, Office of Patient Advocate, CA Dept of Managed Health Care

Randy Pestor, Consultant, Environmental Quality, CA State Senate

Danielle Reno, Director, Clinical Auditing, Sutter Health

Matt Rexroad, Managing Partner, Meridian Pacific, Inc.

Larry Rillera, Legislative Director, California Seismic Safety Commission

Stan Rosenstein, Deputy Director, CA Dept of Health Services, Medi-Cal Care Services

Amy Rutschow, Senior Consultant, CA Assembly Republic Fiscal Office

Bob Sands, Assistant Secretary, Medi-Cal, CA Health and Human Services Agency

Shannon Smith-Crowley, Legislative Advocate, American College of Ob & Gyn, Dist IX

Randy Tan, Senior Manager, Matrix Consulting Group

Pouneh Tehrani, Chief of Administration, CA Office of Inspector General

PaPai Thomas, Business Relations Specialist, CA Indian Manpower Consortium

Sean Tracy, Special Projects Manager, CA Dept of Mental Health

Valerie Turella, Deputy Floor Manager, Karen Bass, CA State Assembly

James Turko, Senior Consultant, Highlands Consulting Group

Veronica Villalobos, Director, USC State Government Relations

Mindi Wells Nunes, Director of Human Resources, Yolo County

Matt Wheeler, Principal, PattersonWheeler, LLC

Suzanne Wierbinski, Director, Democratic Caucus, CA State Legislature

Edgar Zazueta, Coordinator, Legislative Affairs, Los Angeles Unified School District