BS in Real Estate Development Program Learning Objectives


The USC Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Development prepares graduates for entry-level positions across all sectors of commercial real estate. The program does this by delivering a strong academic framework on which professional practice is built.

1. Prepare students to succeed in the real estate profession in the near, medium, and long terms.

2. Instill a desire to pursue critical thinking always.

3. Expose students to the many ways to be successful in real estate.

4. Provide students with requisite disciplinary skills in:

  • Underwriting and Financial Analysis
  • Design and the Urban context

5. USC BS RED learning objectives are accomplished through:

  • The development of skills – architectural drawing to financial modeling to understanding the urban context
  • The construction of a framework for real estate analysis.
  • The transmission of industry knowledge.
  • The support for enriching a professional network of contacts.
  • The opportunity for maturation and confidence.