B.S. in Urban Studies and Planning: Environmental Policy and Planning Track


Required Track Courses:

PPD 344 Environmental Politics and Sustainable Development
PPD 420 Environmental Impact Assessment
PPD 461 Sustainable Communities, Policy and Planning
PPD 427 Geographical Information Systems and Planning Applications

Select one of the following:

  • ECON 487 Resource and Environmental Economics
  • ENST 387 Economics for Natural Resources and the Environment

Track Electives (select 2)

PPD 306 Visual Methods
PPD 314 Public Policy and Law
PPD 315 Analytical Foundations for Public Policy
PPD 358 Urban and Regional Economics
PPD 360 Urban Transportation
PPD 422 Transportation and Technology and the Future of Mobility
PPD 410 Comparative Urban Development
POSC 347 Environmental Law
IR 422 Ecological Security and Global Politics
IR 305w – Managing New Global Challenges
IR 323 Politics of Global Environment